What’s on your ballot?

January 24, 2003
Press Release

More than 2,300 candidates are vying for 750 offices throughout suburban Cook County on April 1, but voters don’t always know who’s running or even what offices are on the ballot in these odd-numbered year elections.

To help familiarize voters with the candidates and better prepare them to make informed decisions on Election Day, Cook County Clerk David Orr urges them to visit www.voterinfonet.com and download a personalized "virtual ballot" or call the county Election Department at (312) 603-0906 to request a sample ballot.

"In most cases, candidates running for local office usually don’t have the resources to get their message across which means voters aren’t always aware of the candidates or what’s at stake," Orr said. "Voterinfonet.com gives voters a quick and easy way to access election information and view their ballot before they head to the polls."

All 2,465 precincts in suburban Cook County will conduct elections on April 1. Depending on where you live, elections for village president/mayor, trustees, park and library district boards, elementary and high school boards, fire protection district boards, community college boards and referendums may appear on the ballot.

All candidates and offices up for election are listed on www.voterinfonet.com. Voters can type in their addresses to: download a ballot of candidates running in their precinct; find out the location of their polling place; and verify if they are registered to vote.

In addition, Orr’s office has requested that all candidates running for office in suburban Cook write a 400-word statement that allows them to highlight their positions, qualifications and background. Voters can access those statements on the website after downloading a virtual ballot.

"Voters understandably feel uncomfortable casting ballots for candidates they know little – if anything – about," Orr said. "The online voter guide conveniently allows them to make better informed choices by offering useful, unfiltered information about the candidates."

Before Election Day, suburban voters will receive a red election information brochure in the mail from the Clerk’s office. The brochure will give detailed instructions on proper voting technique and explain how the county’s error-detection voting equipment works. It will also list each voter’s polling place address.

For more information about voting absentee, call (312) 603-0906 or visit www.voterinfonet.com.